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Perfect Tutor helps parents and students to find the skilled Home Tutors providing personalized attention for all subjects. At Perfect Tutor, parents and students can get information of the top tutors to know their qualifications, fees, reviews, teaching techniques, and other details.

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Comprehensive academic support with our Home tutors or online tuition for students abroad

Hire Online International Tutors & Foreign Teachers

  • Post your learning requirement to hire the best Online International Tutors & Foreign Teachers and foreign teachers
  • On Perfect Tutor, you also can compare among the best international online tutors and select the best one.
  • Our abroad online tutors are verified and trusted by us and other parents.
  • You can also get subject-wise International Online Tutors for online classes of international school boards from anywhere.
  • We match your requirement to our International Tutors & Foreign Teachers’ profile from abroad before providing their services to you.

About Online International Teachers and Foreign Tutors

  • Our International Teachers from abroad get verified by submitting their necessary details to Perfect Tutor before starting a tuition job.
  • All of our International Tutors & Foreign Teachers adapt to the student’s needs and act respectfully and professionally.
  • Our expert team inspects the qualification and expertise of the International Online Tutors and teachers from abroad.
  • Our Online International Tutors & Foreign Teachers from abroad connect the lessons to real-life references and examples.
  • They especially teach IB, ICSE, CBSE, CIE & IGCSE , and other International Boards

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How we assist International Tutors and Foreign Teachers from Abroad

  • Get 100% accurate online leads based on your availability, qualification & experience.
  • International Tutors and Foreign Teachers get guaranteed part-time teaching and online tutoring jobs in India.
  • If leads provided to you are not responding or irrelevant you will also get lead compensation.
  • We provide a Free Online Teaching Platform to our International Online Tutors and NRI Tutors to teach our students as well as their personal students.
  • We rank your profile top on our website and on our other online platforms.
  • Branding & Promotion of your profile on our Online Tuitions Jobs site and partner sites across India.
  • We also provide Online software training and teaching certificates to all our International Tutors and Foreign Teachers from abroad
  • We also help you with the teaching materials like notes, videos, PPT, and PDF to help your Indian Students.
  • When you become one of our "Gurus," we help to build your goodwill, reputation & visibility in India.

Online Platform for Tutors & Students

We present the choice; you make the decision

Our Online Learning Platform has many modern features which are very helpful for students and online tutors seeking perfect online tuition or tutoring jobs in India or abroad. The platform is the best for online teaching and learning.

  • Personalized Dashboard-The platform provides a personalized dashboard for both students and tutors.

  • Attendance Records- The platform marks the attendance of students and teachers which can be seen anytime by parents.

  • Live Classes- Tutors can start live classes with their students anytime which also will be available as a recording and can be seen anytime.

  • Auto Recording - Auto Recording feature helps students in case they miss the live online class due to a network issue because the platform starts recording the teacher’s live video class automatically.

  • Study Materials - All national and International teachers can upload their own educational media content in the form of Docs, Videos, and PDFs.

  • Test and Exams - Students themselves can take chapter-wise MCQ tests on the platform to examine their knowledge while written exams can be organized by tutors.

  • Results - The Result of MCQs can be seen in the Result Section of the platform automatically as the test ends while tutors check your written test manually.

Tutoring services we provide to International Students and Teachers

Online Tuition Classes taken by our Abroad Tutors

Programming Languages: Python, Java, .Net Training, C++ Language, C Language, PHP, Javascript, and others.

IT Training & Courses: Microsoft Office, SAP, Selenium, Angular.JS, Amazon Web Services, Adobe Photoshop, DevOps, Data Science, Web Designing, Web and App Development, etc.

Foreign Languages: Spoken English, German Language, French Language, Spanish Language, Japanese Language, Chinese Language, Arabic Language, Russian Language, Italian Language, and many others.

Hobby Classes: Dance, Hindustani Music, Guitar, Carnatic Music, Keyboard, Yoga, Cooking, Photography, Drawing, Painting, Singing, Violin, Piano, Makeup, Handwriting, and many others. 

Exams & Competitive Classes: IELTS Coaching, PTE Academic Exam Coaching, GRE Coaching, GMAT Coaching, TOEFL Coaching and other international level competitive exams.

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