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For Students

  1. The Perfect Tutor is an online home tutoring market place helping parents to find the quality home tutors for their child.
  2. With regards to the home tuition given by the tutor to your kid, you consent to pay a predefined sum to the tutor.
  3. You know about that, to the extent conceivable, Perfect Tutor will help finding a guide that best suit to your child's requirement, yet it doesn't ensure any achievement of any sort in any examination or test that your child may attempt.
  4. You know that you have perused and comprehended the Perfect Tutor’s refund policy. You be aware of that for the situation where the tutor fails to convey all or part of the planned tuitions, we are not accountable for finding any swap coach for your child or for any refund for the sum paid by you to the tutor.
  5. You know about that home tutors should be treated with respect and dignity. Further, you consent to give in your home an environment helpful for one on one study during the time decided for home tuition.
  6. You know about that the final decision to choose a tutor for your kid is yours and yours only.
  7. The tutor will teach your kid only when if at least one parent is available in the home.
  8. We won’t be responsible for any mishap or inconvenience occurred by the tutors.
  9. If parent paid the educational cost expense straightforwardly to tuition tutor in cash,via account transfer, or any other mode of payment then we won't be responsible for that educational cost.
  10. You understand that all information gave is esteemed dependable yet isn't ensured and ought to be independently confirmed.
  11. We won’t be responsible for any advance payment paid to the tutor by you.

For Tutors

  1. The Perfect Tutor is a home tutor market place helping tutors to find students and parents whose are looking for home tuitions for various expertises in their area.
  2. By using this website you understand and agreed to accept all the refund and cancellation policies and membership terms and conditions of the Perfect Tutor.
  3. You agree to raise a receipt to the parent for a sum equivalent to the cost of delivered tuitions at the end of every month. In case, there is a dispute among you and the parent with respect to the number of tuitions delivered, you concur that we will be the last mediator on the issue.
  4. As a home tutor, you comprehend to pursue with every pertinent law, exercise of professional competence, care, aptitude, diligence, and judiciousness as is typically practiced by experts.
  5. You may have information solely belongs from the Perfect Tutor. You are agreed and understand that the information received to you is only be used by you for providing only tuitions for the expansion of the Perfect Tutor.
  6. You are agreed and liable to pay the Perfect Tutor against any loss, claims, causes of action, and liabilities (including reasonable attorney fee) damages caused by you directly or indirectly from the infringe of any applicable law, for your carelessness, or wilful mishap.
  7. You understand and know that the relationship between you and the Perfect Tutor will not be considered as an employee or employer relation.
  8. You should be aware of that the final decision to select a student for teaching is always yours and yours only.
  9. You are agreed and understand that you will teach the student only when if there is at least one guardian is present in the home.
  10. We are not liable to recover or pay for any damages, disputes, inconvenience, miss happening, and misbehave happened by the parents or student/s.
  11. You know and understand that all the information provided is supposed to be true but not guaranteed and should be verified autonomously individually.
  12. You understand and agreed that if you took any assignment then you have to finish it. In emergency or unavoidable circumstances, you have to provide a notice period of minimum 15 days.
  13. You have to arrange a demo class within 48 hours of receiving tuition and if it doesn’t happened due to any reason, you need to inform us immediately.
  14. Tutor registration will be cancelled without any notification in following circumstances:
    • a. Any misbehaviour with the students, parents, or us.
    • b. Failure of 3 assignments continuously due to any reason, however, the 4rd chance will be given in very specific and valid circumstances.
    • c. Absence for a long duration without any notice or information.
    • d. Distraction from the above mentioned rules and regulations.

Terms of use

This website is run by Perfect Tutor Edu Pvt. Ltd. under its brand name "Perfect Tutor". Your entrance and use of its website (https://www.perfecttutor.in/) "" is ruled by these Terms of Use. Please read all the terms of use cautiously. Your use of this "website" comprises your consent to stick to and be bound by these Terms of Use. If you don't agreed with these Terms of Use, kindly don't access and use this Website. For the purposes of these Terms of Use, "we", "our" and "us" will signify "Perfect Tutor" and "you" and ""your" will mean a "Tutor" as well as "Parent".

Terms and Conditions Subject to Change

We hold the authority to update, delete, or change these Terms of Use anytime without any notice. Your access and use of this Website following any such change establishes your consent to pursue and be bound by these Terms of Use as updated or modified. Subsequently, we suggest you review these Terms of Use each time you access and use this Website.

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