Our Refund and Cancellation Policy

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Refund policy

Please read this carefully before you make payment for any of our services:

Payments paid by you for any of our services are not refundable in the form of cash. You will get the refund in your wallet which cannot be converted into cash; however, you can redeem it by selecting any of our services according to your relevance.

The refund you got will be redeemed as services only but not be converted as cash. For example, if you made a payment of INR 5000 for any of our services chosen by you, and asked for a refund for the same; then you will not get the refund as cash, but you can select any other services of the same amount you paid to us.

Cancellation Policy

In case if you want to cancel the subscription of your services in the middle of the contact, you can contact us instantly at info@perfecttutor.in to deactivate your account. Your account will be deactivated very soon and the amount will be adjusted accordingly.

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