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Posted on Jul 03, 2023

Problems faced by students in classroom

Many times, problems are faced by students in classroom; you would be one of them. When you start your life as a high school or college student, you know you will be overwhelmed with problems and distractions. Sometimes you are able to face the problem, and sometimes you are not. During a student's life, we have lots of personal and professional problems, but extrovert students handle these types of problems Introverted students face difficulty in this situation. In this article, we will discuss 10 common problems and solutions that students face in a classroom. We hope our solution will help our students.

1. Feel Low Motivation

One of the common problems faced by students in their student lives is a lack of motivation and confidence. If you feel a lack of internal motivation for work, you will doubt your ability. You are feeling stressed about all the little things. You have not been sleeping well, and you always think about your failures in life.

If you want to sort out this problem, First know what motivates you.

1. Understanding your study level and style

2. Be proud of yourself.

3. Know what is stopping you.

4. Face your fears.

5. Remember your achievement whenever you feel demotivated.

2. Lack of concentration

When students lack confidence, they are unable to face problems in the classroom. The capacity of concentration of students can be affected by using social media, watching movies with friends, using phones, watching television, and playing video games. This is one of the most common problems faced by students during school time. If you want to improve your productivity, you should change your environment to one that is more conducive to studying and avoid things that distract you from your learning goals.

These tricks will help with concentration.

1. Create a positive environment.

2. Switch off your phone while studying.

3. Make a task with a deadline.

4. Clean up and organise your workplace.

5. Listen to music when you feel bored.

3. Deal with Homesickness

Homesickness is one of the crucial problems faced by students in classroom. When students are far away from home, they feel lonely. Introverted students often face difficulty facing this problem. When students go for the first time to another city, He is not familiar with the environment; this is one of the main reasons. Some communication methods can solve this problem, those who miss their family can touch base with them.

1. Touch with whatsup

2. Join a support group.

3. Talk about your feelings.

4. Social troubles

Starting college can be a daunting experience, especially if you're not used to being away from home or around a lot of new people. If you're feeling insecure, shy, or overwhelmed by social situations, it's natural to feel like you don't belong. It is one of the problems faced by students in classroom and college when they get first-time admission. When we live in an unknown environment with strangers, we might feel anxious, vulnerable, and exposed. But everyone around you is facing the same problem in the same situation, so do not worry. Everything will be alright after some time.

Avoid Social Problems

1. Start communication with others

2. Join social media groups and interact with them

3. Join college club for sports, music, drama

4. Priorities your time

5. Deal with relationship

Sometimes relationships at the university can be stressful. In college, when you are in a relationship, you face lots of problems that students face in their studies. When the relationship goes well, everything is good, but during breakup time, students face lots of stress. Most students are unable to handle it. Some students may become even more depressed after a breakup.

If you follow these tips, you can deal with relationships.

1. Study with friends.

2. Realistic expectations

3. Always communicate with each other.

4. Understand your needs.

6. Lack of sleep

During college days, students have a habit of studying late at night. Sometimes they do not get proper sleep. It's impacting students' physical and mental health problems, causing fatigue, anxiety, and a weakened immune system. Your central nervous system is the main part of your body. Sleep is important to keep it working properly. Sleep deprivation also negatively affects your mental health and emotional state.

Tips to tackle a lack of sleep.

1. Make a consistent sleep schedule.

2. Avoid social media before sleeping.

3. Create a comfortable sleeping environment.

4. If you are in a relationship, do not talk late at night.

7. Technology issue

Using smartphones in class has a bad reputation in the classroom. It distracts the students, but on the other side, If schools used digital equipment, it would be helpful for students. Nowadays, most schools and colleges are unable to maintain it properly, so that's why students face problems in the classroom. Nowadays, technology plays a vital role in students' education. Institutions should make sure care of it.

1. Use a digital board in the classroom.

2. Provide PDF notes.

3. Make an online class group.

4. Wifi facility in the institution

8. Finacial Problems for students

In reality, every student comes from different financial and family backgrounds, so that's why some students are robust financially and others are not. So Educational institutes should make a strategy for how they can help financially weak students. The most common problem faced by students is school and tuition fees. When you add up all expenses, including the cost of living, food, transportation, and textbooks, it is a huge amount.

If students and schools work together on this problem, we can solve it.

1. Make a monthly budget.

2. Teach tuition to small children.

3. Schools provide scholarships.

4. Apply for government and NGO scholarships.

9. Searching House

When students get admission to a new city and college. Searching for the perfect location to stay can be difficult and is one of the most challenging problems faced by students. Nowadays, brokers take a lot of commission, and sometimes they commit fraud with students.

You can solve the housing problem.

1. Visit a trusted website.

2. Live with your relatives.

3. Share a room with seniors.

4. Join a social media group and ask

5. Contact your classmate.

Problems Faced by Students in classroom and Impact on Mental Health

Schools and colleges may be complex and competitive environments, and the kinds of problems students face have a major impact on their mental health. We will try to understand how to solve this problem. It is important to help students receive the support, they need to do well in their studies.

  • Academic and social challenges cause stress, depression, and anxiety in students.
  • Struggling with assignments, Faculty should give proper time to make it
  • Struggling to make new friends. If you are unable to do it, then feel a lack of confidence. So always try to make new friends and communicate with them.


Q1 What is the biggest problem students face today?

Ans 1. Anxiety

        2. Lack of self-confidence

        3. Financial issue

        4. Mental Health

        5. Relationship issue

Q.2 What is the problem faced by the students of this generation?

Ans. Career and relationships are major problems of this generation.

Q.3 What is the most common problem among students?

Ans. Social anxiety, panic attacks, test anxiety, depression, and family relationship.




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