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Posted on Jul 03, 2023

Top 7 Tips Motivational activities for students

Institutions should organise motivational activities for students. Intrinsic and extrinsic motivational activities are key factors for students at all stages of education, and teachers play a crucial role in providing and encouraging that motivation in their students. A teacher should always do motivational activities in class and also encourage students to participate in the activities. Sometimes students are unable to get good marks in exams and feel demotivated. In this situation, they should have patience and motivate themselves because ups and downs come at this stage. Parents and teachers should also be responsible for encouraging them. Below, we will talk about some motivational activities for students.

1) Play Motivational Games

The purpose of motivational games is to help students collaborate with each other, develop problem-solving skills, and motivate each other. They believe they can do big things in their lives. Students can learn better and have more fun when they play motivational games that are related to the curriculum. These games also prevent boredom from long lectures and boost student enthusiasm. They are a powerful tool to enhance student learning outcomes.

Example: Skills matching a game

In this game, every student comes on stage and tells two skills about themselves. We can increase the confidence of students that they know their best skills.

2)Telling Motivational Stories

Through stories, students learn a valuable lesson that is important in daily life, and this is one of the best activities to motivate students. These stories keep students entertained and play a vital role in the student's upbringing. These motivational stories have a lot of suspense and energy, but they also impart essential life lessons.

Dream Big Story

Anshi is a little girl in class who is shy but loves to play football. Her classmate laughed at her. They say, "You are a girl and play football; it's not for you." Leave it, go back, and work with your mother in the kitchen. but she does not listen to him. She focuses on the game.

She was chosen for her school's football team after only a few days. She played well in the tournament and won the best tournament award.

Moral of the story

Always believe in yourself and focus on your work without any distractions.

These types of motivational activities should be held for students.

3) Open Ended Questions Activity

Open-ended questions help students find various ways of finding answers. Through open-ended questions, we can develop critical and logical thinking abilities.

Open Ended questions are an effective way to challenge our students and learn how can think with a different idea. Some examples of open-ended questions are "What do you think?" and "How did you decide that this is best for you".


A teacher is conducting an open-ended question activity in the class.

Teacher - How many students play the mobile game?

Every student plays games on mobile.

Teacher: How many ways can you download the Birds game?

Every student has a different answer, but why? Because this is an open-ended question, games are available on different platforms. Some students may have downloaded the app from their mobile device, tablet, or computer. Some students would play online on a website.

At this time, students answered with their own points of view and listened to other students' answers. They will be able to develop critical and logical thinking.

4) Work In A Group

Being a team player is as important as developing oneself as an individual. They can learn to work with others and understand their perspectives by collaborating in groups. It also gives them an opportunity to share their own opinions and respect the opinions of others equally. When you work in groups and listen to the opinions of others, you can make better decisions.

Example: If the teacher gave you any task, divide four members into a group.

Task: How can you make the class better?

Here, every student shares their own opinion.

Students, we can design the blackboard because the blackboard is a crucial part for us.

Students: We can increase the speed of the fan because it runs slowly.

3 Students: We can change seats because it is not convenient.

After discussion, you can make the right decision, which you think you can do easily in less time.

5) Motivational Quote

Legends are born in our country, and they have their own motivational quotes. If you feel demotivated, you can make your own motivational quote and put it on your study table. It will always motivate you. Read books and novels, write down motivating quotes in your diary, and read before sleeping every night. If you do this activity regularly for 21 days, you will feel proud and confident in yourself. If you have solid reasons in your life, you always believe in yourself, and motivational quotes are working for you.

This is the perfect tip for motivational activities for students.

6) Listen to Motivational music.

Scientific studies prove that music can improve your motivation.

Music reduces stress and fatigue

Stress and fatigue are the primary killers of motivation. Research has proven that music has a positive effect on mental health caused by daily work life. A daily routine is sometimes considered good for productivity, but falling into it is a trap. When we do similar work every day, we fixate on a channel, and our brains get tired of the routine.

When we listen to music, just after a few moments, we hear something new and fresh. Which helps your brain escape the routine and get a little bit distracted.

Music induces excitement.

Have you ever noticed how energising your early morning run gets when you listen to your favourite song? It is because music is able to induce excitement because there's a relationship linking auditory neurons and motor neurons.

Listen to motivational music activities that are good for students.

7) Provide opportunities for cooperative learning

When students do activities with other students. They can increase motivation for the related learning activity. When the teacher provides equal opportunity for discussion-question activities. They can increase their motivation and believe in themselves. Students also try to demonstrate improved work effort when there is a sense of collective responsibility for learning. Research has proven that students given group learning opportunities engage in deeper-level processing of information.


Motivation plays a crucial role in learning. When the students are highly motivated, they achieve the best learning outcomes. One of the benefits of motivation is that it helps students keep trying and exploring new ways to learn. Motivation depends on the student’s personality and interests, but also on the classroom environment. Teachers can use various techniques to encourage and enhance their students’ motivation. Many experts believe that motivation comes from fulfilling psychological needs for autonomy, competence, and connection or belonging. Therefore, the following motivational techniques aim to satisfy those needs.




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